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About HealthyPricks

I am a Holistic Medical Consultant that attended Virginia University of Oriental Medicine with a pharmaceutical background (was previously a pharmaceutical Representative and realize the disconnect to health in the industry) . I have clients locally but I would like to extend my help online. I can provide Services for anyone with any ailments seeking a more natural approach. Most people seek my expertise after they have seem multiple health care providers and have gotten no help or don’t want to be tied to pharmaceuticals the rest of their lives. I personally I have been through a lot of medical issues that led me to this holistic approach. My battle with gastritis, endometriosis, fertility, muscle aches and high cholesterol have all been healed naturally and I am living my best life now. I would love to help you with your health and not let any health problems hold you back from enjoying this life.

Health for you

The main force behind Healthy Pricks is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their ultimate lifestyle by getting their mind and body in sync. Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, sports nutrition, or disease prevention, each client is individually evaluated by a professional Holistic consultant and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan they can follow for the rest of their lives. Not only improve your condition but enhancing your life.

Our Testimonials

Aimee L.
Acne and Hormone regulation

I have had extreme hormonal problems for a while and all the drugs prescribed by doctors were causing me serious problems than helping treat my issue. Healthypricks consulted me on my health issues and now my acne is at bay and my body is regular and my energy is amazing. I highly recommend Healthypricks.

Kai T.
Muscle Aches and Pain

Having chronic shoulder pain was not fun. I need relief and was too busy to make appointments with doctors. Healthypricks was able to help with my pain and finally bring relief with a few treatments. Back at the gym now.

Alex S.
Foot and Ankle Inflammation

Doctors misdiagnosed me several times and kept saying I needed to be on constant drugs for pain relief. After a few consultations with Healthypricks, we tried different treatments and acupressure just worked for me. Getting back to my old self.